Outdoor Reborn Photo Shoot Featuring Carter's Fashion :)

45 просмотров Опубликовано: 30.05.2018
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Аватарка baby dollluv
baby dollluv 13 минут назад
Oh Miriam this is a great video! I am loving it so much! Penelope is definitely watching over her little sisters. My she is really able to balance on top of that tall fence. Yikes! I love all the babies in their yellow and blue outfits. They look so cute and oh so real in the great outdoors. Thanks for making such an enjoyable video and for sharing. Hugsxxx. ud83dude0aud83dudc96ud83cudf1eud83dudc90
Аватарка WeebieDolls
WeebieDolls 39 минут назад
Beautiful setting and photos! Iu2019m not brave enough to take mine out lol
Аватарка My Realborn World
My Realborn World 49 минут назад
Very beautiful photos, I love their little outfits ud83dudc96 the landscape made me think of Pemberley ud83dude01
Аватарка jeffrey63031
jeffrey63031 64 минут назад
What beautiful photos sweetheart. The babies all look Soooo PRECIOUS! Hugs and love xxxnana and papa
Аватарка P.E.& The Du2019Vinyls
P.E.& The Du2019Vinyls 85 минут назад
Oh yes! Those outfits fit them perfectly! They are lovely hunny, and that was a really pretty place you picked for your photo shoot! You did a fantastic job of posing them, I could see the entire outfit on each one...perfection. Hugs, Joyxx ud83dude04
Аватарка My Bella Blessing
My Bella Blessing 102 минут назад
Wow... the natural sunlight pictures are amazing!!!! They are posed so well... all of the babies & (toddler) are indeed beautiful ~ such a sweet video! Thanks for sharing ud83dudc9bud83dudc99ud83dudc9bud83dudc99 Xoxo