Michael Jackson REBORN? Coaches CAN'T BELIEVE His Voice, GO CRAZY and Beg Him to Sing ONE MORE TIME

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Аватарка Anton Ragu, Sky
Anton Ragu, Sky 10 минут назад
Welcome back Michael Jackson!
Аватарка gumis 123
gumis 123 25 минут назад
wszyscy wzruszeni ja tez jak bym byu0142 znow w latach 90
Аватарка gumis 123
gumis 123 41 минут назад
to zajebiste
Аватарка Naxi
Naxi 70 минут назад
hes is better then michael
Аватарка Deborah Boulet
Deborah Boulet 86 минут назад
He does sound like Michael Jackson in the very beginning but thatu2019s it donu2019t get me wrong he has an amazing voice but there were only will be one Michael Jackson R.I.H king
Аватарка Sharkie Alami
Sharkie Alami 102 минут назад
Iu2019m crying I miss MJ so much
Аватарка mohamed el kerrami
mohamed el kerrami 113 минут назад
To give you a clue about how MJ was on a total different league.

R.I.P Legend.
Аватарка Angelique Hill
Angelique Hill 127 минут назад
Аватарка Zak
Zak 143 минут назад
Аватарка vick diamond
vick diamond 159 минут назад
He is not triing to beat Michel he is triing to remind us of himud83dude22ud83dude22
Аватарка soumyadeep chowdhury
soumyadeep chowdhury 172 минут назад
Who comes here to see this video again and again?
Аватарка Loukas Pattichis
Loukas Pattichis 186 минут назад
Аватарка Laura Mattingly
Laura Mattingly 201 минут назад
The hell?? He sounds nothing like Michael Jackson. Michael Blackson probably!
Аватарка Ronaldo 7
Ronaldo 7 220 минут назад
Likee * the best
Аватарка Ava the Chicken
Ava the Chicken 240 минут назад
No one can replace Michael but his voice makes it seem like heu2019s here with us ud83dude22
Аватарка Dereck sou00fbl Kombila
Dereck sou00fbl Kombila 249 минут назад
Wouah on dirait le vrai Jackson
Аватарка bajing loncat
bajing loncat 269 минут назад
Аватарка Depressed Quartz
Depressed Quartz 285 минут назад
Este fantastic!
It's fantastic!
Аватарка Andy Bielecki
Andy Bielecki 291 минут назад
I wish that could be me ud83dude22ud83dude2bud83dude2dud83dude2aud83dude42
Аватарка Mariya Samson
Mariya Samson 309 минут назад
It is michel Jackson voice beautiful I got goose bumps