What I'm Packing for Reborn Baby for Vacation! | Kelli Maple

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Kelli Maple
Hey guys thanks for watching this video
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Caidyn Cook 15 минут назад
Аватарка Terri Bailey
Terri Bailey 31 минут назад
Call her Rose
Аватарка tamako itho school girl simulator
tamako itho school girl simulator 40 минут назад
Are we allowed to take dolls to International Airport and different countries because I am going country and I was thinking of taking my Reborn doll with me but I was scared that they will throw her away
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Mostafa Khalaf 60 минут назад
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Aya Taleb 100 минут назад
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Aya Taleb 112 минут назад
Аватарка Katie Hayes
Katie Hayes 118 минут назад
The only place that I went to by a plane was Texas
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Elizabethu2019s Channel time 132 минут назад
Hi I love you so much make more
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Donna Hawkins 144 минут назад
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Khelis Brown 163 минут назад
Name her pearl
Аватарка Pretty Plug
Pretty Plug 180 минут назад
Awwww she is soooo cute
Аватарка Stephanie Is Amazing
Stephanie Is Amazing 189 минут назад
Imagine having this much free time as a 17 year old that you pack a entire wardrobe for a doll as if it were a person. I honestly cant.
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Christine Esparza 207 минут назад
Iu2019m in Pomona,California
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Linda Carter 218 минут назад
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Unicorn Lover 230 минут назад
I think your babyu2019s name should be Kelsey
Аватарка laura lawson
laura lawson 256 минут назад
I like your baby Kaely
Аватарка YORP
YORP 268 минут назад
your dolls literally have traveled more than MMEEEEE... thats just sad on my part.
Аватарка The V Fam
The V Fam 289 минут назад
YORP hahaha. Same
Аватарка YORP
YORP 294 минут назад
omg that flower overall outfit TOOK ME BACK to the old days... i remember the first time you changed the og raylynn into it.
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YORP 310 минут назад